Saturday, April 14, 2012

Flap Your Wings

This bracelet is my tribute to Judy Glende. It is made with copper, vintage buttons, a ceramic wing charm by Gaea Handmade, faceted glass beads and Swarovski crystals.

This original, handmade bracelet may be purchased at my Etsy store, here. All proceeds will be made in Judy's memory to the Mustang Alley Horse Rescue or to Massachusetts General Hospital, Department of Dermatology Melanoma Research Fund. Buyer's choice :)

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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Headpin Challenge Reveal

The very talented Lorelei Eurto is hosting this giveaway and mini blog hop. I was very excited to be one of only 10 participants randomly chosen to receive a pair of these balled end, glass headpins created by Gardanne Beads.
However, I have to apologize to both of these wonderful ladies, as I believe this challenge was an epic fail for me. I'm not too upset, it happens sometimes. I just hope that Lorelei and Anne are not offended that I couldn't bring these beautiful headpins any justice.

You'll notice that I used one of the headpins as a pendant, bringing the wire up in a wrapped loop and then down into a spiral that mimics the glass. You'll also notice that there is no balled end. I'm not sure what I did, but I broke it off as I was creating the spiral. Ugh!!

'Okay, no big deal. I have a second one!' I thought. But ended up doing the exact same thing to the second pendant I made. After a few tears and a large glass of wine, I knew I just had to work with what I had. So, I flattened the spiral with a hammer to help it stand out without the balled end and then finished the rest of the necklace with amethyst rounds, purple crystals and Czech glass beads in the perfect matching shade of green.

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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

CCC: Part 2

I always have a few beads left over from these bead swaps. Usually I have an idea for them, but just haven't gotten around to creating the piece. So, in my usual fashion, here is Part 2 of the Collective Creative Canape Reveal!

I used the round bronzite and faceted yellow cat's eye beads from Kerri with these beautiful porcelain focals by Marsha Neal. I also added in some wooden agate, imperial jasper and my own bronzite beads.

These two could be worn as a set, but for some reason I think they are better as individual pieces.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Collective Creative Canape: Reveal!

My partner for this bead swap was Kerri from Pink Lemonade. She is also our hostess for the blog hop and has done a fabulous job. Please be sure to check out what she made with the beads I sent her :)


These are the beads and copper components that Kerri sent me. I absolutely LOVE this bead soup and could not wait to get started on a necklace. I am excited with how it turned out because this is a different style and a new metal for me.

I used the clasp and textured, copper disk that Kerri hand made, as well as the bronzite and yellow glass rounds and both crystals. I loved this color combination, brown and teal, but Kerri made it unique by adding the touch of yellow, so I wanted to use all the beads. I added a few of my own crystals in the same color, as well as my twisted copper wire link. I pulled apart an old 1928 brand necklace and reused the chain and pretty brown drop at the bottom of the pendant. My favorite part about this neck has to be the little section of dangles, especially with the few swirls added in, which was one of the last things I added to the necklace.

I would love to hear any constructive criticism one this piece, as I'm thinking about making a similar design with silver.

Please be sure to visit the rest of the participants in this blog hop, there are some really talented artists out there!
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