Friday, July 13, 2012

Experimentation: Metal Stamping

A friend of mine found an old set of letter stamps in his garage. Apparently these were used by sheet metal workers to mark parts for correct assembly. I found this very interesting and exciting because my uncle and late father used to own a sheet metal company and may have done this same thing! This particular set used to belong to my friend's grandfather and is about 50 years old! I'm very grateful he decided to share and I promised to put them to good use.

And here is my first metal stamped charm made into a necklace! I think my daddy would be very proud :)


  1. Dare I say I love this? And what a lucky find! I like the sparkly femininity mixed with the more rustic metal.

  2. Okay this is awesome! I love not only the stamping part but the entire charm is sooo sweet!

  3. It look awesome. Many metal stamping procedures destroy the quality of the product but this one is beautifully made. I adore the quality and the look it has.

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