Monday, November 19, 2012

Class in a Box: A Prima Bead Review

As you may remember, I was recently contacted by the Prima Bead company, sent a great 'Class in a Box' gift and asked to write a review here on my blog.

I have to admit that a kit with predetermined designs was not what I had in mind when I received my gift. After all, I would not consider myself a beginner, however I really do like these beads and components a lot.

I decided I wasn't going to create the designs in the instructions booklet. I wanted to use the materials as I would any other; this way I can give a real and honest opinion about the Prima Bead products. You can see the jewelry designs intended to be made from this kit above. Below is the jewelry that I have created using the same beads and components.

 Maroon glass pearls and Quartz 'icicle' beads

 Earrings with pretty bow charms and teardrop shaped links

For this necklace I used the brownish glass pearls and the heavy chain from Prima's kit. I love how this chain is two toned bronze and silver.

I still have a lot of the beads and components left over and will defiantly be posting more of my creations soon! So, how would I review this Prima Bead 'Class in a Box' product?

Here are some pros:
· An abundance of different materials to work with for a little price.
· The kit comes with a beading mat!
· The designs are current with the latest styles. You're gonna love wearing your pieces.

Here are some cons:
· I felt the tool was not the greatest, and you're going to need more than one pair of pliers.
· Plated, base metal findings. I typically prefer better quality metals, at least for the earring hooks.
· The quality, overall, is much more 'crafter' than 'artisan'

Final rating: ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆

While there are many great quality Prima Bead and Cousin products that I use regularly, this "Class in a Box" kit isn't something I would have purchased for myself. I think this is great for beginners or crafty people that create jewelry as a hobby.

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