Monday, June 11, 2012

Color inspiration

I recently mentioned to a friend of mine how I have been battling a bit of a creative block. He suggested a color palette for me to work with, to help break out of this slump. Below is a cellphone picture he sent me with two possible choices. I chose the bottom one and got to work pulling beads out in those matching colors.

Before I knew it, I picked the beads and had my design laid out, ready to be made. I was so thrilled to have a finished piece! The first in a few weeks. It really pays to have great, artistic friends to help you out :)

This bracelet is created using gold and blue vintage lucite beads, purple and silver glass beads, brass washers and an upcycled key charm.

Have you ever had a friend help get you out of a creative slump? How do you help yourself to find inspiration when there is no one around?

1 comment:

  1. I love that you had a friend willing to help you out on this. I've used color palettes are a GREAT way to get out of a slump. has some beautiful palettes.
    Anyway, your bracelet turned out beautifully. Your mix of silver and brass worked out much better than I would have imagined. Very cool.


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