Friday, October 4, 2013

A trip to Salem, Massachusetts: Part I

Some friends and I recently took a day trip to Salem, Massachusetts. It was a beautiful day and there is so much to do in this small New England town! First we visited the the Salem Witch Trials memorial and took a guided walking tour of the historical spots and museums. 

Aside from the historical significance of Salem, it is a cute, quirky place full of friendly and equally quirky locals, which means we fit in just perfectly.

AND... For my fellow Harry Potter fans, there is even a real wand shop called Wynotts Wands! This was by far my favorite :)

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We really worked up an appetite with all that exploring, so we enjoyed some locally brewed pumpkin ale and ate at a pizza place with an alien cat on their sign!

There is nothing better than a day spent with your friends and this will be a day I'll always remember!

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