Friday, October 28, 2011

Project Accessory {Upcycled Jewelry}

There is a new show called 'Project Accessory' on Lifetime that is all about jewelry and other accessories. I was giggling like a little girl when I sat down to watch the premiere Thursday night! As you all know, I am I huge fan of upcycled jewelry, and this episode's challenge was all about that! So, I thought I'd share some of the amazing designs these guys came up with and to let you know about the show, if you don't already, because it was awesome! (Btw: you can watch the full episode on!)

{The Show} Project Accessory is a spin off from Project Runway, in which 12 accessory (jewelry, handbag or shoe) designers compete in various challenges. In the first challenge, the contestants had only 15 minutes to search through piles of storage unit junk. Using the materials they chose, each designer had to create three accessories, a necklace, belt and accessory of choice. These three pieces would have to be cohesive and complete the classic 'jeans and white tee shirt' look that their models were wearing. 

{The highlights} I was really impressed with most of the designs when they finally came down the run way. Every one of the contestants has amazing amounts of talent. These are some of my favorite pieces from the collections:

Necklace by Christina   |   Necklace by Shea     

       Belt by David   |   Clutch by Kelly   

Necklace by Nina (the winning designer for this challenge)


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