Monday, October 10, 2011

The salty wind through your hair

Saturday was the Crafts on Main show in Old Saybrook. This is a nice town on Long Island Sound that features a great Main St, awesome views of the ocean and stunning homes. I often drive the route that takes you along the shore, where I can smell the ocean and see the lighthouse. Perhaps, though, this town is best known for Fenwick Estate, where Katharine Hepburn lived and spent her final days.

Fenwick, Old Saybrook, CT

 Katharine Hepburn at the Fenwick Estate

I could not have asked for this show to go better. Really, it was just perfect.
I didn't stress and get anxious now that I have my display set.  The weather was sunny and warm, but not too hot.We had great people to meet and lots of sales! 

Saybrook Country Barn   Old Saybrook, CT

I was thinking the other day about it becoming Fall and trying to find the good side of colder weather and dark nights. I ended up putting together a little "Fall Bucket List" for myself...

1. Go apple picking.
2. Decorate a pumpkin, without carving.
3. Walk outside more often. Enjoy the cool air.
4. Collect colored leaves to use in my art journal.
5. Bake a low-fat apple desert.

Sounds like it's going to be a good couple of months :)  What are you looking forward to this Fall?

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