Wednesday, January 30, 2013

My Studio

Now that I have been in my new apartment for... oh, eight months... I can finally show you where I create! My living room is separated into two areas, the first being your typical couch and tv room. But then I have this hardwood area that I set up as my 'studio'. This room has no less than five huge windows that let in the beautiful natural light, it's an artist's dream!

Here is my desk, which usually isn't this clean... I keep my tools and such in the green drawers, in easy reach. A cork board hangs on the wall for inspirational photos and in-progress projects. The tall shelf in the back (first photo) holds all of my beads, which are stored in plastic containers and separated by color or material. It was custom built for me by my mom using free pallet wood (She's so talented!). One day I will get around to painting it.

This is the opposite wall from the desk, and has a nice closet to hide my mountains of other crafts supplies and display items. I have a life-sized mannequin which not only looks good at shows, but she helps me a lot when designing necklaces. It's much easier to tell the length of a piece or how it lays when worn. Another shelf holds all my finished jewelry and packaging supplies. Lastly, a chair, which usually holds a sleeping cat :)


  1. OMGosh! This is beautiful! I have a small studio also, it is behind my living room, which would normally be a dining room. But Mark and I have dedicated it to his office and my studio. I am slowly working to clean it up.. The handmade bookcase is darling. That's what I need. :) Beautiful space!

  2. What a lovely space. Your storage is great!


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