Friday, August 19, 2011

What we made

Last month I was part of Art on Groton Bank arts show (you can read about that here) Anybody who's participated in a show knows that it's much easier when you bring someone along to help you put up the canopy or watch the table when you need a bathroom break. Usually, my awesome mom comes along and we have a blast, but she couldn't make it to this show. After explaining my problem to Hubby, he offered to come along for the day. Surprisingly, he was very helpful and quite a salesman :)

Next to our booth was a great jewelry artist named Kelly of Blue i Design, who used beautiful gemstones and also created these neat bead woven pendants.

(Photo by Blue i Design)

I'll admit, I have never been a fan of bead weaving, but these are so pretty! Would you believe that Hubby was so inspired by Kelly's pendants that he decided to actually try bead weaving himself? We got him all the supplies and sat at the kitchen table one night, together, making jewelry. How could I not fall in love with him all over again :)

Here is a pic of the first pair of earrings Hubby and I have collaborated on:

I've gotten so many compliments on these beauties when I wear them. I'm VERY excited to see what else we can make together <3


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