Monday, August 6, 2012

Summer Starfish Necklace

Above is a picture of my sketch book in which I used one of Design Seeds awesome color palettes to put together this bright and summery necklace.

Made with Serpentine and dyed Quartz gemstones, blue vintage lucite and two handmade orange lampwork beads. Plated pendant and lobster claw clasp.


  1. I just love this colour-scheme! The necklace IS summer :-)

  2. Bright and beautiful.Love and Hugs Tanya

  3. Just linked from Lisa's blog. (I'm looking forward to tomorrow to see what you've made with her awesome soup.) This is a great necklace. I'm envious of you designers that can do asymmetrical and still be balanced. I'm not there yet. I'm curious about your sketch book. Did you just print that palette directly from the Design Seeds website?

    1. I have been pushing myself to create asymmetrical designs lately and it isn't always easy. I find it's best to use a bead design board and lay out your beads so you have easily move them around to find balance. One of my favorite artists, Lorelei Eurto (, wrote a book about asymmetrical jewelry. Our styles are very different, but I get a lot of inspiration from her blog.
      I did indeed print out the palette from Design Seeds website and glued it into my sketch book. I do this often with different things, such as cutting an image out of a magazine, staple in a swatch of fabric or paint in the pages of my sketch book. Click the 'sketchbook' or 'art journal' labels below to see a few more posts about it.
      - Rochelle

    2. Oops, just found your reply. Usually I get an email when a related comment is posted, and I see now I have to request that here. I will indeed check out your other commentary. Right now my sketch book contains only "sketches"... and I'm such a poor artist I can't always tell what I drew!


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