Saturday, August 4, 2012

Thrift Store Blog Hop

Sarah, over at Pookledo, is hosting a blog hop today! You all know how much I love participating in these, but this one just seemed like it was meant for me. Her challenge to the participants was to purchase an item from a thrift shop worth less than $1.50 and to create a piece of jewelry using that object. I do that ALL the time!

I purchased a necklace from Goodwill for $1.99. I went a little over budget, but this is Connecticut people. They don't sell anything for a buck, everything is overpriced here. What I really liked about this necklace was the dark teal color. The gold irregular shaped beads are okay, but it's the round beads I was really drooling over.

The bracelet I made uses these teal beads, as well as, Serpentine and lucite coral colored beads. The focal bead is handmade, however I do not have the information on who created it. (please help me give credit if you know!) The bracelet is finished with a large lobster claw clasp.

Don't forget to visit the rest of the participants in the blog hop!

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  1. Lovely colours, you made a fabulous bracelet
    Deb x

  2. Very nice. I can see why you were drawn to it. Gorgeous colours :)

  3. I love the teal color as well.. great job on the bracelet..

  4. Beautiful colors! Love the bracelet!
    I am an overlooked/forgotten participant...

  5. Your bracelet is sweet.. I love the color combo with the turquoise, coral and Serpentine. Lovely! It was worth every penny you spent. LOVE!

  6. Nice bunch of beads! You brought out their color well with your additions. Good job!

  7. Wow! I love it!

    And thankyou for taking part :)

  8. That's a pretty and different palette you brought together, great job!

  9. Wow, I love the colors you used and your mix of stone, lucite, and ceramic. Great bracelet. :)


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